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At WasteBase, we are committed to building a circular economy by transforming residual materials from manufacturing processes into valuable, sustainable products. By partnering with us, businesses can reduce waste and enhance their reputation as leaders in circular economy practices. Our circular materials database offers a platform for buying and selling high-quality, sustainable materials. Request samples and connect with manufacturers and creators. Join us on our mission to create a more resource-efficient future, one circular material at a time.

"Our goal is to enhance the discoverability of residual streams, enabling their repurposing and contributing to the development of a circular economy."

Romaike Slikker & Ramon de Iongh

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2017 - 2021

Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering at AUAS. The recognition of the problem and the need to design circularly arose during this period.

2021 - 2022

Seeding and developing the idea for WasteBase. Participation in the 10K Incubator and 10K Validator programma by the AUAS Venture Centre in Amsterdam.

Summer 2022

WasteBase receives AUAS Launch Grant to set up the first clickable as a prototype to test hypotheses with.

Fall 2022

WasteBase is officially a registered company since 26 October 2022.

Winter 2022

WasteBase receives HBO Take-Off by SIA; this settlement funds a feasibility study.

March 2023

Official Launch of WasteBase's beta version of the platform.

To be continued...
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