WasteBase pre-finalist AMSIA

WasteBase has achieved a milestone as a pre-finalist for the renowned AMSIA (Amsterdam Science and Innovation Award) in the Sustainability and Circular Economy category. This

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Circular Façades

From steel sheet blanks to a circular façade. At the waste collection station in the residential area of ​​Transvaal in The Hague, all façades of

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Rockeees Stacking Game

Have you ever stacked bricks on holiday? Remember the excitement, the frustration, the calm. But also the feeling of victory, when the tower stays standing

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The owners of wastebase

WasteBase as a Solution

Valuable residual materials from businesses still end up in landfills too often. “It’s a shame, because these residual streams are often still of great value,

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WasteBase Co-owner Romaike Slikker

Romaike Slikker

One of the co-owners of wastebase

“Our goal is to enhance the discoverability of residual streams, enabling their repurposing and contributing to the development of a circular economy.”

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