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Organic Adhesives and Recycled Plastics

WasteBase - Organic Adhesives and Recycled Plastics

The environmental hazards of petroleum-based plastics extend beyond their persistence in the environment after use. Despite recent efforts and a shared understanding that we should recycle and reuse more, the environmental impact of their production remains. As the impact of fossil fuels becomes more apparent, there has been a movement towards collaborating and harnessing nature by developing biobased materials. Dirk Stanssen and Rudy Galle are undertaking material research, delving into the realms of organic adhesives and recycled plastics.

Rudy Galle, drawing from his background in the plastics industry, toghether with Dirk Stanssen have spent over a decade perfecting an adhesive made from 99% organic raw materials. This adhesive exhibits exceptional bonding properties, particularly with various types of wood, enabling the creation of oriented strand boards (OSB) from dried plant species such as Japanese knotweed, bamboo, and reed. Their patented adhesive formulation opens up exciting possibilities for sustainable construction materials.

Currently, Rudy and his associates are exploring potential applications for their innovative OSB boards. They are experimenting with different materials, including incorporating waste materials from WasteBase, to expand the range of potential applications. While they are currently operating on a laboratory scale, they are actively seeking partners who can assist with scaling up production and identifying viable applications for their materials.

WasteBase - Organic Adhesives and Recycled Plastics 2

In addition to their work with organic adhesives, Rudy and his associates are also involved in processing post-consumer plastic waste. They are capable of compressing and forming blocks and sheets from various plastic waste streams, including the most challenging materials such as the dirtiest plastic waste from the automotive industry, known as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Are you interested in utilizing the innovative adhesive developed by Dirk and Rudy, or do you have a need for blocks and sheets made from recycled plastics? Reach out to us via our contact page with the subject line “Organic OSB and Recycled Plastics,” and we will connect you with them.

WasteBase - Organic Adhesives and Recycled Plastics
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