WasteBase’s Materials Wall Finds New Home at Jakoba Mulder House

The WasteBase materials wall, once showcased at the ‘Dutch Design Week’ and ‘Vakbeurs Recycling’ (Recycling Trade Fair) in 2023, has now found a new home at the Jakoba Mulder House (JMH) within the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Facilitated by the Center of Expertise: City Net Zero, and with the collaborative efforts of Yanti Slaats and Jeroen van Vorsselen, the materials wall has been carefully integrated into the space opposite the ‘Transition Lab’ on the first floor of the Jakoba Mulder House.

The Transition Lab is a dynamic hub dedicated to the exploration and advancement of methodologies and tools pertinent to mapping systems and engaging stakeholders on pressing societal challenges, including the Circular Transition. Here, interdisciplinary teams collaborate to develop cutting-edge technological solutions aimed at fostering sustainability and resilience in urban environments.

The presence of the WasteBase materials wall in this specific location serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it serves as a tangible example of the expertise and practical skills of students within the institution’s engineering programs, illustrating their capacity to contribute to complex societal issues. Additionally, the materials wall acts as a catalyst for inspiration, encouraging Engineering students to embrace circular design principles.

By showcasing a diverse array of residual materials and highlighting their potential for reuse and repurposing, the materials wall will inspire passing students. It serves as a reminder of the importance of creating a circular economy and resourcefulness in the design process, urging individuals to consider the lifecycle of materials and their environmental implications.

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