WasteBase pre-finalist AMSIA

WasteBase has achieved a milestone as a pre-finalist for the renowned AMSIA (Amsterdam Science and Innovation Award) in the Sustainability and Circular Economy category. This recognition is not only a testament to WasteBase’s innovative materials database and unique approach, but it is also a personal triumph for the passionate team behind the platform.

At the core of WasteBase’s success is the belief that every small step towards sustainability matters. Their revolutionary materials database empowers designers and artists to choose from a vast variety of residual materials, giving them the opportunity to breathe new life into these resources. Through collaborations between manufacturers and creatives, WasteBase is transforming the concept of waste, sparking a new era of sustainable innovation.

The team at WasteBase is more determined to inspire others to join the sustainable revolution. They envision a future where creativity and responsible resource management go hand in hand. By bridging the gap between manufacturers and designers, WasteBase is cultivating a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making a difference.

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WasteBase Co-owner Romaike Slikker

Romaike Slikker

One of the co-owners of wastebase

“Our goal is to enhance the discoverability of residual streams, enabling their repurposing and contributing to the development of a circular economy.”

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