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Shredded Cards (PVC)


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Material Description

Delve into the world of repurposed business cards with these Shredded PVC Cards. They began as white sheets adorned with transparent film, undergoing an initial transformation through the offset printing process and after being laminated. These sheets served their original purpose as professional introductions.

However, their journey doesn’t end there. Post-use, these PVC cards are carefully shredded, revealing a textured material that retains hints of the original design. The shredded remnants, once destined for disposal, now offer a canvas for innovative projects. Versatile in nature, these Shredded PVC Cards lend themselves to a variety of processes such as pressing, melting, stitching, and more. Explore the boundless possibilities of this repurposed material, turning discarded business remnants into unique and sustainable works of art.

Approximately 10kg of these Shredded PVC Cards are released into circulation each month.

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The provided location is approximate, serving to indicate the province where the material is located. Please consider the location of the material to minimize transport pollution.

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Ordering a regular sample from WasteBase provides about 0.5kg or 10 x 10cm of the requested material, subject to variations in weight based on material density. Colors and shapes can differ based on current availability. You can add a note with your preferences during checkout. This sample is meant for testing purposes. If it’s suitable, and you need more material, contact us with your needs. We’ll connect you with the material supplier, facilitating negotiations on price, delivery, and conditions. WasteBase acts as the bridge for sustainable collaborations in residual materials. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

For some materials we offer the possibility of different samples. This is clearly indicated above.

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