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Injection Moulding Rejects (Reinforced PP)


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Material Description

Dive into the world of injection moulding rejects, featuring black plastic products that, while initially intended for specific criteria set by the client, didn’t meet expectations and are consequently discarded. Manufactured from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene (PP), these rejects boast enhanced strength and durability.

The unique hook-like form factor of these black plastic rejects adds a compelling and versatile aspect to their design. Despite not meeting the client’s specifications, these rejects present an intriguing opportunity for repurposing. The material ensures durability, making these rejects suitable for various applications.

Their distinctive form and robust composition open doors to innovative and unexpected uses.

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The provided location is approximate, serving to indicate the province where the material is located. Please consider the location of the material to minimize transport pollution.

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Ordering a regular sample from WasteBase provides about 0.5kg or 10 x 10cm of the requested material, subject to variations in weight based on material density. Colors and shapes can differ based on current availability. You can add a note with your preferences during checkout. This sample is meant for testing purposes. If it’s suitable, and you need more material, contact us with your needs. We’ll connect you with the material supplier, facilitating negotiations on price, delivery, and conditions. WasteBase acts as the bridge for sustainable collaborations in residual materials. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time.

For some materials we offer the possibility of different samples. This is clearly indicated above.

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