Circular Façades

From steel sheet blanks to a circular façade. At the waste collection station in the residential area of ​​Transvaal in The Hague, all façades of the building are covered with pre-painted, galvanized steel plates from the automotive industry. Parts for trucks have previously been cut from the plates. With the various incisions and perforations, these ‘contour plates’ now produce a different façade image from different points of view.

The contour plates have been processed and preserved by EG-Projects for this new purpose. In addition, the recycled steel plates clarify the function of the building: this is where you hand in your (coarse) waste. The façade panels are supplemented with sandwich panels deemed unsaleable, uprights of sawn, used Azobé sheet piles and rock wool from an industrial hall demolished by the contractor.

These Azobé sheet piles are faced with galvanized contour plates. These high-quality sheets are galvanized in connection with the long service life of the building. They weather over time matt grey, just like the wood of the posts. Because the facades have to be soundproof, there is a second layer of reused sandwich panels with glass strips from demolished buildings.

(By Wessel van Geffen Architecten i.c.w. SuperUse Studios)


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WasteBase Co-owner Romaike Slikker

Romaike Slikker

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“Our goal is to enhance the discoverability of residual streams, enabling their repurposing and contributing to the development of a circular economy.”

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