Hook’D Lamp by Tolhuijs Design

HOOK’d is a lamp that has a fascinating and heartwarming backstory. Millions of specific brackets are discarded by industries worldwide every year, and these brackets are what inspired the creation of this unique lamp. These hooks were initially used in a powder coating plant, as they were utilized by our partner Bruynzeel Storage Systems. Unfortunately, these hooks can only be used once, which leads to a significant amount of waste in the industry. However, Tolhuijs Design recognized the potential of these hooks and decided to collect them to create something beautiful out of them.

When these hooks are used in the coating process, they take on a unique and beautiful color gradient that is specific to the current coatery and automatic powder coating robot. Tolhuijs Design recognized this beauty and has created the Hook’d lamp, which is available in black and white, depending on the original color of the hooks.

To make these lamps, Tolhuijs Design assembles them in a sheltered workshop using their self-developed stacking system. This stacking system ensures that the lamps are transported safely to their warehouse, where they are packed and shipped to the customers using the services of another social workshop. This process not only creates a beautiful and unique lamp, but also supports social workshops, creating jobs and providing opportunities for people who may otherwise struggle to find work.

The Hook’d lamp is a beautiful and environmentally conscious addition to any space, and it is a perfect example of how innovative design can have a significant impact on the world.


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